Power Window Repair

Has your power window stopped working properly? Maybe it goes down, but not all the way. Worse, maybe it goes up, but gets stuck halfway and leaves your car door susceptible to break-ins.

Power windows show signs of wear and tear when they slow down, when they get off their track entirely, or when they are broken. Whatever your issue is, BlueLite Auto Glass can help!

We provide high quality power window repair services, no matter the vehicle you own.
Family van? No problem.
Work truck? Easy.
Foreign convertible? We have you covered.

Our technicians are glass experts who work carefully with the newest tools and technology so that your power window repair goes smoothly. We provide consummate professionalism no matter the job. Minor repairs or major power window replacements can be done at your convenience.

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At BlueLite Auto Glass we will communicate with your insurance provider too, so that you do not have to. We know the ins and outs of what paperwork to file, where, and with whom especially for window repairs. So let us ease your burden.

Power windows are powered, which means they have a motor and switches like any other powered appliance in your home. This also means each of these moving parts acts as a potential point of failure. That is where our experts come in.

We specialize in repairs big and small, whether it is replacing your regulator, swapping out your motor, or just repairing a chip in the glass.

With specialized parts, we can rebuild any broken part of your window. Every power window repair we conduct will reinforce any vulnerable areas so that the weight of the glass is stabilized, and you have fewer points of failure.


In Denver, the cold weather can do a lot of damage to cars. Dirt, debris, even road salt from the winter can make their way into your window.

The result?

Power windows start popping out of place, the regulator stops working properly, and your window doesn’t respond like it should.


If you hear a screeching noise when you next roll down your window, then your motor is literally crying for our help. If you are constantly pushing your window down the rest of the way, or it just gets stuck, you have motor problems. With BlueLite Auto Glass we can replace your motor with something brand new, so your windows protect you against the snow or the heat.


Your motor and your car door come together in a perfect union thanks to the switches. These are two metal pieces that connect when your power windows are working properly and create an electrical connection. If dirt, salt, or other debris gets stuck, it inhibits that connection. Our team can clean out any impediments and replace the metal for your switches if need be.

If you need work on complex power windows, then work with our professionals. Our technicians will apply their industry knowledge to ensure a reliable diagnosis is made before the repairs start.

Don’t ignore the signs of a slowing power window that keeps catching on the same spot. When you see the signs of old age or motor damage, let us help you repair things before they get worse.

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