Car Window Replacement

You might notice a chip in your car window, maybe you see it in your rear window, or your passenger points out a crack on their side. If this happens, it might be time for a car window replacement.

Safety is essential when it comes to your car windows. Broken windows can make it difficult for you to see what’s going on around you let alone access safety concerns on the road. A window with a chip or a crack near the perimeter means every time you roll the window up and down you further compromise the structural integrity, and you never know when the window will finally fall apart on you. But we can help you avoid that with a car window replacement.

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When to get a car window replacement

Car window repairs are always what people turn to first but there are some situations where a car window repair just doesn’t cut it. And when that happens, we at BlueLite Auto Glass are here for you. A broken window in the back of your car, or along the passenger side window, or your driver side window leaves you susceptible to theft and bad weather, and of course can cause further damage.


Make an appointment and our technicians can take a look at your window damage to see if you need a full replacement. The dimensions of your crack or chip play a significant role in this decision. If you have something bigger than 1 inch in diameter or a crack that has spread throughout your window, it's probably time to get a replacement.


If your window is broken through multiple layers, a simple patch job won't suffice, but we can help get a proper replacement quickly.


When a crack or chip happens near the edge of your window, close to the frame, a repair job won't be enough. Thankfully, our team of qualified technicians can help replace your car window quickly so that you can get back on the road in as safe a fashion as possible.

Car windows serve as an access point to your vehicle when compromised. This is why having structurally sound and properly functioning car windows is essential to the safety of yourself and any occupants in your vehicle, and your valuables. Something like a temporary patch or duct tape over a window frame doesn’t protect you from theft when your car is parked on the side of the road, nor does it stop things like road debris from causing serious injuries. That is where we come in.

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With BlueLite Auto Glass, our technicians can replace your car window no matter which window it is when a simple fix isn’t enough. Our certified staff can provide fast and reliable service. You can schedule an appointment by calling us directly and we can work with you and with your insurance company. We understand how difficult it can be to file the right paperwork or fill out the right forms which is why we are here to help you facilitate a successful car window replacement with or without your insurance provider.

If you are ready to get your car window replacement, contact BlueLite Auto Glass at (720) 742-9222.

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