Car Window Repair

Your car today is completely sealed with windows. Originally cars didn’t have windows and when they did, they required a lot of arm strength to get up and down. Today, complicated construction means that you have windows with motors, windows that respond to just the touch of a button. However, car windows are made of glass and glass is susceptible to damage.

Extreme temperatures in and around Denver in the summer and the winter, high speeds on the road, car accidents, even low speeds through a construction zone can result in chips and cracks in your car windows.

If you have any type of damage to your car windows on the driver side, the passenger side, even the back of the car, it might be time to call BlueLite Auto Glass for a repair. Minor car window repairs are much more feasible and typically covered by car insurance policies compared to replacement. Addressing a small chip or crack sooner rather than later means that you can get away with a minor car repair instead of complete glass replacement.

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When a car window repair is right for you

If you are unsure whether you should get a car window repair, our team can help. Bring your car in for an assessment and we will let you know whether your minor chips or cracks can be repaired, and whether those repairs would improve the safety of your vehicle.

If you have a chip or a crack in the middle of your window, on the outside, and it's smaller than 1 in in size, our team can offer a fast, reliable repair, filling in that chip so that it looks as though it never happened.


If your car window is struggling with mechanical issues, our team has the skills to assess and if appropriate, replace the interior mechanics of your window without replacing the entire window.

A minor chip or crack that runs the length of your rear window can make it next to impossible to safely see when you are backing out of a parking spot. A small chip on the driver side window right in your line of sight can make it difficult when you are parking, conducting a U-turn, or verifying whether it’s safe to make a lane change. Denver roads can be difficult to navigate, so don’t make things worse for yourself: get a car window repair as soon as you see a chip or crack.

What we look for…


When our team conducts an assessment, we look for the dimensions of the crack or chip. Something up to 1 inch or long, thin cracks up to 12 inches can be easily repaired.


We also check the depth. Something that has impacted just the outer layer of glass is easily fixed.


Finally, we check the position. If the crack or chip is in the middle of your window and not near the edges, repairs are a breeze.

When we repair your glass, you can drive away the same day as if nothing ever happened. We can tackle large repairs or minor repairs with the same efficiency and professionalism. Let us help you navigate insurance claims, window cracks, and function failings for you.

Other Services

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There are plenty of circumstances where you don’t have to replace your entire windshield but instead you can call on BlueLite Auto Glass to conduct a windshield repair.

Car Window Repair

Are you having issues with your passenger side window, driver side window, or rear window? We can help with minor car window repairs on the same day.

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Windshield Replacement

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Car Window Replacement

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Mobile Auto Glass Repair

If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. With our mobile auto glass repair service, we can come to your vehicle no matter where it is parked and conduct agreed-upon repairs or replacements even if you weren’t just passing through Denver.


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