Auto Glass Repair And Replacement in Denver, CO

Looking for auto glass repair or replacement? Then look no further than BlueLite Auto Glass.

BlueLite Auto Glass operates out of Denver, Colorado and is a trusted name in our community. Using only the best technicians, we pride ourselves on our premium service and competitive prices.

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Top of the line services

Our team combines high quality glass with efficient craftsmanship. Whether you need our mobile auto glass repair service at an off-site location or you have an appointment at our facility, you can trust that customer service comes first. When our representative schedules an appointment with you, we will pick a time and place that works best for you. We will also ask a few questions to figure out whether a repair or replacement is the best route for you to take so that you have some idea of what to expect when you work with us. We understand that getting Replacements or repairs for windshield and windows is an urgent matter which is why we can work with you to book an appointment immediately

Competitive pricing and quality

Our customer service representatives focus on customer service and quality above all else. We understand that for many of our customers, window repairs or replacements are covered by an insurance policy. That is why we can work with you and your insurance agent to handle the paperwork in the reimbursements for your claim as quickly as possible. We understand and fully appreciate how time-sensitive getting repairs can be and more importantly how time-sensitive getting reimbursements can be.


Many of our customers wonder whether they need a replacement or a repair. Most people are under the impression that any damage to a windshield for example necessitates an immediate and comprehensive replacement.

There are certainly times when your car window or your windshield gets a small chip and you ignore it because it’s not in your immediate line of sight, but then you go over an unexpected bump during construction and that tiny chip becomes a splintering spider web of cracks right in front of your eyes.

These are certainly situations where the damage is so severe that a repair simply won’t be enough. If multiple layers of glass are compromised or the chip or crack is near the perimeter of your window, we can advise a proper replacement and help you get that replacement done in under an hour.

If the crack or chip is in the middle of your window, it’s not interfering with your line of sight, it’s under one inch in size, and it hasn’t penetrated beyond the first layer, our professionals will likely recommend a repair, something even more affordable and faster to complete.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to your car windows. A broken window makes it difficult for you to assess what’s happening. Even a small crack in your driver side window can cause the entire glass window to shatter if you continue to roll it up and down without getting it fixed.

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Other Services

Windshield Repair

There are plenty of circumstances where you don’t have to replace your entire windshield but instead you can call on BlueLite Auto Glass to conduct a windshield repair.

Car Window Repair

Are you having issues with your passenger side window, driver side window, or rear window? We can help with minor car window repairs on the same day.

Power Window Repair

If your power windows aren’t working properly, don’t let in the cold Denver winter weather. We can repair any make and model.

Windshield Replacement

If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, let us complete a fast windshield replacement. Most windshield replacements take under an hour or so and you can get back on the road safely with full visibility.

Car Window Replacement

If a car window repair is not enough, we can help you with a car window replacement in an equally timely fashion. Whatever window is damaged, we can replace any seamless and professional capacity.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. With our mobile auto glass repair service, we can come to your vehicle no matter where it is parked and conduct agreed-upon repairs or replacements even if you weren’t just passing through Denver.

We don’t want this to happen to you.

That is why we offer comprehensive car window replacement and repair services and why our staff is here to help you determine which one is the best fit. Sometimes our technicians have to confirm when they see your vehicle, but either way, they will talk you through what the next steps are and what your options are.

Why get a car window
repair or replacement

You should consider a car window repair or replacement to fix mechanical problems with power windows or to fix chips or cracks in other windows. Our technicians can fix most minor chips and cracks immediately and improve your visibility.

Getting a car window repair or replacement can restore that structural integrity and safety so that you can drive on the road with peace of mind.

In addition to avoiding a serious fine for having a cracked windshield or a cracked window, you can also improve your visibility. Small nicks and chips might not seem like a big deal but when you are driving through downtown in the middle of traffic, every piece of visibility is important. Having multiple minor chips in your windshield or in the back window can make it difficult for you to fully assess everything that’s happening around you. This can be even worse in bad weather. Repairing small issues or replacing broken windows gives you a higher level of visibility and safety.


If your windshield is damaged such that you can't see properly, then it's time for us to repair or replace it.


If you have a crack in your windshield bigger than 12 inches or you have a chip bigger than 3 inches in diameter, or you are looking at a large bullseye, don’t take the risk. Let us help.


If your damage is near a corner or the outer margins, don't risk the damage to your structural integrity. Let us repair or replace the problem immediately.

Even things like side windows can wear down faster than other windows usually because they get rolled up and down more often. This is true of power windows especially. Power windows have different moving parts that can degrade with time. Broken buttons mean your windows don’t work like they should. Malfunctioning switches mean windows refuse to come down or refuse to go back up. Windows that are off the track can get stuck.

Your vehicle deserves high quality, and your passengers deserve optimum comfort which is why we are here to provide power window or car window repairs and replacements on your schedule.

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